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To generate debug symbols also for applications compiled in release mode, select the Generate separate debug info check box. For more information, see Using the CPU Usage Analyzer .

Qt Creator is integrated to Qt Quick Compiler (commercial only) that enables you to compile QML source code into the final binary. This improves the startup time of the application and eliminates the need to deploy QML files together with the application. Qt Creator new project wizards create projects that the Qt Quick Compiler can compile, because they are set up to use the Qt Resource System. To compile Qt Quick projects, select the Enable Qt Quick Compiler check box.

Qt Creator builds CMake projects by running cmake . --build , which then runs run whatever is needed based on how the project was configured: make , mingw32-make , nmake , or ninja , for example.

You can add arguments and targets for the build command in Build Steps .

To specify build steps for Qbs:

Note: Debugging requires opening a socket at a well-known port, which presents a security risk. Anyone on the Internet could connect to the application that you are debugging and execute any JavaScript functions. Therefore, you must make sure that the port is properly protected by a firewall.

Note: On Windows, the build will fail if the application is running, because the executable file cannot be overwritten. To avoid this issue, you can deselect this check box and add a Qbs Install deployment step in the run settings that will be performed just before running the application.

The Equivalent command line field displays the build command that is constructed based on the selected options.

To add custom steps to the build settings, select Add Build Step > Custom Process Step .

By default, custom steps are enabled. To disable a custom step, select the ( Disable ) button.

To execute custom commands when building for embedded devices, select Add Build Step > Custom Remote Command (via adb shell) (commercial only) and enter the command to execute.

You can use the cleaning process to remove intermediate files. This process might help you to fix obscure issues during the process of building a project.

You can define the cleaning steps for your builds in the Clean Steps .

By default, custom steps are enabled. To disable a custom step, select the Disable button.

When building with CMake, you can add arguments and targets for the clean command in Clean Steps .

The build errors and warnings are parsed and displayed in the Issues output pane.

When building with Qbs, you can specify flags in Clean Steps :

The Equivalent command line field displays the clean command that is constructed based on the selected options.

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1 Well known from long or close association.

known about , well known
well known , known, recognized, accustomed
familiar with
acquainted with , conversant with, versed in, informed about, knowledgeable about, well informed about, instructed in, skilled in, proficient in

2 In close friendship; intimate.

close , intimate, dear, near, confidential, bosom
overfamiliar , unduly familiar, over-free, presumptuous, disrespectful, forward, bold, impudent, impertinent, intrusive

1 A demon supposedly attending and obeying a witch, often said to assume the form of an animal.

2 A close friend or associate.

friend , best friend, companion, boon companion, intimate, familiar, confidant, confidante, alter ego, second self

3 (in the Roman Catholic Church) a person rendering certain services in a pope's or bishop's household.


Middle English (in the sense ‘intimate’, ‘on a family footing’): from Old French familier, from Latin familiaris, from familia ‘household servants, family’, from famulus ‘servant’.




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